Tori Amos, Goddess(es)

For her ninth album, “American Doll Posse”, singer/songwriter Tori Amos sought inspiration from Greek goddesses:

This time Amos has taken a unique approach to her music and has emerged with five alter ego’s – all of whom contribute to the album with their own distinct voices.

The quintet creates a compelling portrait of the role women play in today’s society, expressed on the album both musically and thematically. The five alter ego’s are representations of Tori, incarnating a number of the heroines and goddesses of Greek mythology.

Tori Amos said, “Once music started to dictate to me what the women were going to be I had to go and do the internal work and build their psyches, so I went to the Greek Pantheon because I thought people were more familiar with it, and then started to develop their stories,”

Through her research, Amos looked back to a time when the idea of females in all their different facets, were considered divine. Buried deep in ancient Greek history – she discovered what would become the foundations for her new group of confidants.

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