The Antikythera Mechanism in the New Yorker

John Seabrook has penned a major article on the Antikythera Mechanism for the New Yorker. The incipit:

In October, 2005, a truck pulled up outside the National Archeological Museum in Athens, and workers began unloading an eight-ton X-ray machine that its designer, X-Te Systems of Great Britain, had dubbed the Bladerunner. Standing just inside the Nationa Museum’s basement was Tony Freeth, a sixty-year-old British mathematician and filmmaker watching as workers in white T-shirts wrestle the Range Rover-size machine through the door and up the ramp into th museum. Freeth was a member of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project—a multidisciplinary investigation into some fragments of an ancient mechanical device that were found at the turn of the last century after two thousand years in the Aegean Sea, and have long been one of the great mysteries of science…

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