Jest: Rules for Writing About Late Antiquity

From Adrian Murdoch’s Bread and Circuses blog comes this….

Some light relief for a Friday. Rules for writing about late antiquity. Feel free to send in any more:

• Anything that happened in Britain, happened in AD 410.

• Any Western coin hoard must contain half a dozen bronzes of Honorius and Arcadius.

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Syllabus of Activities

Week 1 (1.4): Introductions—Local Origins: Saturnine & Epitaphic Epigrams

Week 2 (9.11): Catullus, Neoteric (?), and Hellenistic Epigram

  • Latin: Catullus 69–91, Calvus 18 (Courtney p. 210)
    • If you don’t remember Calvus from the Catullus’ polymetrica, please take a look at Catull. 13, 50, and 53.
  • English: Greek Epigrams: Posidippus, Callimachus, and Posidonius (in Fain).
  • Scholarship: Livingstone-Nisbet, “Introduction: Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “The Inscriptional Beginnings of Literary Epigram” (2010), 1-47.
  • In-Classthe epigrams (?) of Cicero and Caesar.

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