Centro Sign

Sarah writes…

I’m finally able to refer to the mental map of Rome in my head, it’s really exciting to have free time and be able to go around the city, just me, my water bottle, bus pass, and copy of my passport (safety first). I went to the Victor Emmanuel monument at Piazza Venezia awhile ago, what an amazing view. The intersection between ancient and modern Rome is striking from there, with a view of the ancient Roman Forum and modern Via del Corso (a street with great shopping opportunities).

The program here is tailored for classics majors and it’s so different from the many majors at Haverford College. We went to Tusculum two weeks ago, an area about an hour outside of Rome where wealthy Romans would retreat for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. We learned that Cicero had a villa here and liked Tusculum so much that he wrote the
Tusculan Disputations here, a series of books set in this town. It was amazing to stand there and travel through time in my mind, imagining what the area was like so many years ago.

The food here is very tasty. I’ve narrowed down my favorite gelato flavor to straciatella or nutella. The nutella can be excellent but I’ve tried it at different places and the quality (smoothness, hazelnut to chocolate ratio, etc) varies. I haven’t had a bad plate of pasta yet, actually I haven’t had a bad plate of anything. I’ve broadened my food horizons, consuming a plate of breaded rabbit one night (I thought it was chicken until after I finished my plate). The food here at the Centro is amazing, it’s always fresh and filling. Sometimes we compete to see who can finish their food and make it to second helpings first, I’m proud to say I won yesterday.

The sun was out today, it’s so nice to go outside in a jacket! But when that sun goes down, it is time for the gloves to make an appearance. It is much warmer than a Pennsylvania winter so I am grateful for it. We have a class field trip to Sicily in a few weeks, I gladly anticipate the warmth that awaits me.

As much as I would like to write more, my homework and laundry demand my time. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will try to update the highlights of my trip every month.

Sarah Derbew ’09