Quick Links for the Start of the Semester

A number of interesting articles have come over my transom in the last few days. Enjoy!

  • “Do as the Romans did, then overdo it again”: inspired by the release of Centurion (has anyone seen it?), the Boston Globe looks at some classic Roman films and other projects on the horizon (CORIOLANUS directed by Ralph Fiennes sounds promising).
  • “Does Your Language Shape How You Think?”: this feature in the New York Times provides an accessible and balanced look at recent research on how different languages shape our perception of our lives. You’ll learn why a German is more likely to describe a bridge as graceful and elegant while a Spanish-speaker will describe it as strong and powerful (hint: grammatical gender), and encounter languages like Guugu Yimithirr, which lacks words for front, back, left and right and gives all directions using the cardinal points on the compass. Fascinating stuff and useful for anyone taking Latin or Greek–or any other language–this semester.
  • And, oh yeah, Odysseus’ palace was discovered on Ithaka: Greeks ‘discover Odysseus’ palace in Ithaca, proving Homer’s hero was real’ | Telegraph. Gold stars to all who can identify the questionable assumptions and logical leaps in this article, or head over to Rogueclassicism for the untold backstory.

Have a wonderful start to the semester!

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