339 ille: Tiresias

fama: ablative with celeberrimus

Aonias: (Greek) genitive; of Aonia, Boeotian

340 inreprehensa: negation of reprehensa, an Ovidian invention

341 prima… Liriope temptamina s?mpsit: idiom, “to test”

fide: shortening of the archaic genitive fid?i; conjoined with vocis

342 caerula: poetic form of caerulea.

343 C?ph?s?s: (Greek) nominative

344 vim tulit: a common and emphatic expression for rape

345 ?nfantem: object of the deponent verb ?n?xa estnymph?: (Greek) nominative.

346 de quo [Narciss?] consultus: Tiresias

348 si se non noverit: Narcissus’s tragic curse. Similiar to the Delphic wisdom temet nosce (gnothi seauton in Greek).

349 exitus [Narcissi] illam [vocem]

351 ter… addiderat:ad ter quinosannos unum annum addiderat (he was 3 * 5 + 1= 16 years old)

401 omnibus: dative of agent (Anderson ad loc.)


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