Videos and Models of the Parthenon

A number of videos about the Parthenon and Pericles’ Building Program are available on-line:

This video, by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, presents a wonderful visual history of the Parthenon in only a few minutes. At the end, a narrator reads an excerpt from Byron’s “Curse of Minerva” in condemnation of Lord Elgin’s removal of sculpture to the British Museum. For more information on the “Elgin Marble” Controversy, you can read Mary Beard’s excellent discussion here.

This short 5-minute video on the Parthenon from PBS’ “The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization”, narrated by Liam Neelson. It includes some good visuals, especially of the interior and the Frieze.

This short documentary includes discussion of the form and construction of the Parthenon:

Finally, the entire NOVA episode, Secrets of the Parthenon, is now available on It includes fascinating discussion about the current efforts to preserve the monument.

You may also be interested in these 3D models of the Acropolis for Google Earth:

  • 3D Model of Acropolis as it looks today: View in Google Earth
  • 3D Model of Athens in 150 CE, including the Acropolis, Walls, Houses near the Acropolis, the Dipylon and Sacred Gates, and more: View in Google Earth. Please note that this model includes structures that were built after the Classical period (notably, the Odeon of Herodes and Stoas on the South Slope of the Acropolis, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which was begun by Peisistratos, but only completed 750 years later during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian).

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