With the Bridge you can create customized vocabulary lists for Greek or Latin core lists, ancient texts, and textbooks.


Create a list with vocabulary from a core list, an ancient text, or a textbook. Focus on a sentence, a chapter, or choose an entire work.


Create a personalized list by screening out vocabulary from one or more textbooks that you have used, core lists you have mastered, and texts you have already read. Or create a list of vocabulary found in your text and another work or works.


You can filter your list to focus on one or more parts of speech, conjugations, declensions, as well as idioms, proper nouns, irregular words, and more.


Your customized vocabulary lists can be printed or downloaded in Excel, CSV, and other formats.

Core Lists, Textbooks, and Texts



Core Lists

  • DCC Greek Core
  • National Collegiate Greek Exam Core
  • Fundamental 404 (BiCo Elementary Core)
  • Fine 555 (BiCo Third Semester Core)
  • Splendid 655 (BiCo Fourth Semester Core)
  • Campbell's Classical Greek Prose: a Basic Vocabulary
  • Herodotus, Histories Book 1 (> 10 appearances)
  • High Frequency Homer (1-4)


  • Alpha to Omega (Groton)
  • Athenaze (Balme and Lawall)
  • Greek: an Intensive Course (Hansen and Quinn)
  • Introduction to Ancient Greek (Luschnig)
  • Introduction to Attic Greek (Mastronarde)
  • Learn to Read Greek (Keller and Russell)
  • Reading Greek (JACT)

Core Lists

Latin Texts

  • 38 Latin Stories (Groton)
  • Bible, Genesis 1-3
  • Caesar, Gallic Wars 
  • Cato, Monostichs
  • Cato, Distichs
  • Catullus, Poems
  • Cicero, De Imperio Gn. Pompeii 
  • Cicero, In Catilinam 1
  • Cicero, In Verrem  2.1
  • Cicero, Pro Caelio 
  • Epistulae Corneliae
  • Epitaph of Allia Potestas (CIL 6.37966)
  • Eutropius, Breviarium (Book 1)
  • Florus, Epitome (selections)
  • Fabulae Ab Urbe Condita
  • Gesta Romanorum (selections)
  • Gibbs' Brevissima
  • Horace, Odes 1.37
  • Horace, Satires 1
  • Hyginus, Fabulae (selections)
  • Lhomond's De Viris Illustrious (selections)
  • Nepos, Life of Hannibal
  • Nepos, Prologue to the Lives of Foreign Generals
  • Ovid, Amores Book 1
  • Ovid, Fasti 2.685-852
  • Ovid, Heroides 7
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses Books 1 and 3
  • Petronius, Satyricon 1-78
  • Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles
  • Tacitus, Agricola
  • Tacitus, Annales 15
  • Vergil, Eclogues 1
  • Vergil, Eclogues
  • Vergil, Georgics
  • Vergil, Aeneid


  • Cambridge Latin Course Vols. 1-3
  • Classical Latin (McKeown)
  • Disce! (Kitchell and Sienkewicz)
  • Ecce Romani
  • Introduction to Latin (Shelmerdine)
  • Jenney's Latin (Red) (Jenney-Baade-Burgess)
  • Jenney's Latin (Purple)
  • Latin: Intensive Course (Moreland and Fleischer)
  • Latin for Americans, Vol. 1 & 2
  • Latin New Millenium, Vol. 1 & 2 (Tunberg and Minkova)
  • Latin New Millenium, Atticus Readings (Tunberg and Minkova)
  • Learn to Read Latin (Keller and Russell)
  • Oxford Latin Course (Balme-Morwood)
  • Oxford Latin Course: College Edition (Balme-Morwood)
  • Wheelock's Latin (LaFleur)
  • Wiley's Real Latin (Maltby and Belcher)

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