New Bridge // New Features

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Bridge vocabulary app!

New features include

  • The ability to create similarity lists (words that appear in your target text & one or more texts); e.g. all the words that appear in Aeneid 1.1-100 and also Wheelock’s Latin and Catullus 1-5.
  • Optional text-specific definitions for select texts, including Vergil’s Aeneid, Tacitus’ Agricola, Ovid, Amores 1, Cicero, In Catilinam 1, Nepos, Life of Hannibal, and Catullus.
  • Results now produce stable URLs that can be copied and shared.
  • Option to show frequency data for every word in the text in a search
  • Option to show first appearance of every word in the selection (to create a running list)
  • Option to show link to Logeion dictionary
  • Option to show rank of work in corpus of all Bridge texts
  • Option to show Latin words with or without macrons
  • Ability to sort results by frequency or first appearance or alphabetically (or any other displayed information)
  • Ability to filter results by search field
  • Results table is more customizable: include or hide parts of speech, frequency information, and definitions; limit or expand number of entries on the page for ease of use (show, e.g. first 50 or 100 or all entries)
  • Improved export feature
  • Greatly improved handling on mobile devices.
  • Improved selection page with separate areas for lists, texts, and textbooks.
  • Significantly expanded selection of ancient texts and textbooks 

New Greek Lists

Splendid 655 (BiCo Fourth Semester Core)
Campbell’s Classical Greek Prose: a Basic Vocabulary

New Greek Texts

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound
Apollonius, Argonautica 4
Herodotus, Histories Book 1
Lysias, On the Murder of Eratosthenes
Sophocles, Ajax
Sophocles, Antigone
Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus

New Latin Lists

Haverford Latin Intermediate Core

New Latin Texts

Abelard, Historia Calamitatum (selections)
38 Latin Stories (Groton)
Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica (selections)
Bible, Genesis 1-3
Cato, Monostichs
Cato, Distichs
Ceinos de Riofrio, Centonicum Virgilianum Monimentum
Cicero, Laelius De Amicitia
Civis Romanus (Cobban-Colebourn)
Epistulae Corneliae
Epitaph of Allia Potestas (CIL 6.37966)
Eutropius, Breviarium (Book 1)
Florus, Epitome (selections)
Fabulae Ab Urbe Condita
Horace, Satires 1
Ilias Latina
Lhomond’s De Viris Illustrious (selections)
Nepos, Prologue to the Lives of Foreign Generals
Newton, Axiomata Motus
Newton, Regulae Philosophandi
Ovid, Fasti 2.685-852
Ovid, Heroides 7
Petronius, Satyricon
Sallust, Bellum Catilinae
Suetonius, Caligula
Vergil, Eclogues
Vergil, Georgics

New Latin Textbooks

Jenney’s Latin: Red (Jenney-Baade-Burgess)
Latin for Americans, Vol. 1 & 2
Latin New Millenium, Atticus Readings (Tunberg and Minkova)
New Latin Primer (English-Irby)
Oxford Latin Course: College Edition(Balme-Morwood)

There have also been innumerable behind the scenes improvements that will yield a faster, more stable platform. It will also be much easier to add new texts, so expect even more soon. If you wish to contribute, please contact Bret Mulligan.