January 15, 2018

User Guide

Making your customized list is as easy as selecting your language, your target text (“what are you studying”?). You can then chose a (contiguous) selection from the target text. If you wish, you can exclude or include words from one or more lists, textbooks, or texts. Excluding yields the words in your target text that do not appear in the excluded text(s); including yields only those words that appear in your target text and one or more other texts you have selected.

How-To Videos (coming soon)

How to Make a List (Overview)

How to Select a Target Text

How to Exclude or Include Texts

Sorting, Modifying, and Filtering Your Results


Definition of Content Types

Lists: Lists include any vocabulary core or high-frequency vocabulary list.

Textbooks: textbooks include the required vocabulary for each chapter, as well as supplemental readings for some books. We are working to incorporate vocabularies for select readings in textbooks as well.

Texts: vocabularies for continuous ancient and modern Latin and Greek texts.