August 5, 2014

Known Issues & Workarounds

Known Issues and Workarounds

Major bugs

  • If you try to exclude more than one text from a target text and one of the excluded texts is a part of the same text, then The Bridge will return all of the words in the target text; e.g. From Tacitus, Agricola 2, exclude DCC Core and Tactics, Agricola 1. The underlined exclusion will cause the algorithm to fail to exclude any results. 

On the selection page

  • Irregular Textbook Numbering Schemes
    • If you want to select lettered sections within a chapter, simply append these to the chapter after a period: e.g. 1a = 1.a.

On the results page

  • Safari only: downloading as Excel/CSV and Tab-Delimited downloads a file titled “Unknown” that may not be able to be opened.
    • WORKAROUND: If the user manually appends .xls or .txt (for CSV and Tab-delimted) to this file in the Finder, it opens in Excel or a word processing program in the proper format.
  • GREEK results: alphabetical sort is incorrect; because the program displays accented and unaccented characters separately, alphabetical sort produces two alphabetical lists, the first with unaccented characters the second with accented characters
    • WORKAROUND: If you download and import your results, you can sort alphabetically in Excel.
  • Macrons in download appear as gibberish
    • SOLUTION: Make sure that the encoding in your program (e.g. Excel) is set to the most recent Unicode (UTF-8).
    • SOLUTION: Be sure that you IMPORT the .csv file, specifying the format as Unicode (UTF-8). If you merely OPEN the file, it defaults to your default format (which is likely Windows or Macintosh). 
  • Download includes all words in list, including those filtered on the results page.
    • WORKAROUND: export file to Excel and then filter and/or sort to find and remove unwanted items.