Parsing Guidelines

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Part of Speech Morphology to ID Syntax to ID Noun, Pronoun (1) case (2) number (3) inherent gender role in the sentence [1] Adjective (1) case (2) number (3) manifest gender noun it agrees with; or is it a substantive Preposition n/a object Adverb n/a word adverb characterizes Conjunction n/a subordinating or coordinating Interjection! n/a n/a Verbs (1) case (2)… Read more »

Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire

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From modest beginnings on the banks of the Tiber, the Roman Empire eventually spanned from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and Scotland to Upper Egypt. This time-lapsed movie traces the expansion and decay of the Roman Empire, its split into Eastern and Western Empires in 395 CE, and the eventual collapse of its successor state, the Byzantine Empire in 1461 CE.

Newly Added Resources

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On the Resources Page, you can now find a suite of resources for general gramma review. If you have discovered any that work, please pass them along, I’ll continue to add them as I discover them.

Favorite First Declension Nouns

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The result of our survey of fav first declension nouns is in and leading the polls is…. Terra terrae f. with SEPTEM votes. Just edging out nauta nautae f.  Filling out the ranks we had: Rōma Rōmae f. lupa lupa f. and poēta poētae f. puella puellae f. and aqua aquae f. and fīlia fīliae f.

Consilium Bonum: Cerego and Vocabulary

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Salvēte omnēs, Cerego Key: YpiJlm8hTgERjk_zsl5nxQ Learning vocabulary is a integrative, multi-platform process. We read, hear, and use (write and speak) words; but we are also using Cerego to ensure that no words fall through the cracks. As we gain a better sense of the rhythm of vocabulary practice with Cerego, I wanted to share with a sample plan for reviewing a chapter’s… Read more »

Course Description

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Latin flourished as a world language for over two thousand years. From the twin birth of Latin literature and Rome’s empire during the crucible of the Second Punic War (218–201 BCE) until the rise of the nationalist movements in the eighteenth century, Latin was an incomparable language of art, diplomacy, and science in the West. In this course you will… Read more »

Salvēte Discipulī!

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Incipiāmus! Quid est scrinium (fortasse rōgās)? A scrinium was the box in which Romans stored their writing implements, as well as finished scrolls. Our scrinium will be a webspace for comments about activities in class, as well as news (about class and the study of the world of Classical antiquity). It will also host the course syllabus and handouts, links… Read more »