Fābula DĒ CUPĪDINE ET PSYCHĒ trānslāta

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A king had three daughters. Two of them were beautiful, but the third sister was distinguished for beauty. She had the name Psyche. Because of (her) beauty Psyche was worshipped by many people. At last Venus thought that Psyche, who was not a goddess, should not be so keenly worshipped by others. So Venus called her son Cupid and told… Read more »

Parsing Guidelines

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Part of Speech Morphology to ID Syntax to ID Noun, Pronoun (1) case (2) number (3) inherent gender role in the sentence [1] Adjective (1) case (2) number (3) manifest gender noun it agrees with; or is it a substantive Preposition n/a object Adverb n/a word adverb characterizes Conjunction n/a subordinating or coordinating Interjection! n/a n/a Verbs (1) case (2)… Read more »

Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire

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From modest beginnings on the banks of the Tiber, the Roman Empire eventually spanned from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and Scotland to Upper Egypt. This time-lapsed movie traces the expansion and decay of the Roman Empire, its split into Eastern and Western Empires in 395 CE, and the eventual collapse of its successor state, the Byzantine Empire in 1461 CE.

Newly Added Resources

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On the Resources Page, you can now find a suite of resources for general gramma review. If you have discovered any that work, please pass them along, I’ll continue to add them as I discover them.

Vocabulary Advice from Maiōrēs

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Salvēte discipulī, Although is no single method for learning, every learner needs a method, one that suites their learning style, weaknesses, and strengths. As one of your past classmates said, “In reality, the Delphic scripture has never been so relevant – you need to know what works for you.” Sound advice! I encourage you to review the Learning Vocabulary Handout. This handout presents… Read more »

Favorite First Declension Nouns

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The result of our survey of fav first declension nouns is in and leading the polls is…. Terra terrae f. with SEPTEM votes. Just edging out nauta nautae f.  Filling out the ranks we had: Rōma Rōmae f. lupa lupa f. and poēta poētae f. puella puellae f. and aqua aquae f. and fīlia fīliae f.