Derivatives! Chapter 22

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cēlō cēlāre                               conceal cubō cubāre                             incubation complector complectī               complexion prōdō prōdere  contendō contendere               contend dēserō dēserere                       desert, desertion reprehendō reprehendere        reprehensive accidit accidere                        accident orior orīrī                                  origin, orient aliquem certiōrem faciō caput capitis n.                         per capita, capital cāsūs cāsūs m.                        causality, chance fēlīx fēlicis                                felicity, felicific noctū  ōlim  saltem num  

Punnery: Ablative Absolute

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A punning hexametric memnonic for ablative absolutes (dīcitur ā Carter!) fēlix sum, lūdō abrogātō, nunc lūdō! “I am happy, with my class having been canceled, now I play.” I cannot, scīlicet, support the sentiment! But its even in hexameter and I do love a pun.  

Cerego Check-Ins

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Salui sitis, discipuli optimi,  Debuing in this week’s CP check-in, I will give you feedback on your work in Cerego. In this week’s CP sheet, you will see a section that looks (like) this: Always try to preserve your memories. But I assure you, my goal with this is to provide feedback on your overall efforts in Cerego. If a… Read more »