Course Description

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Latin flourished as a world language for over two thousand years. From the twin birth of Latin literature and Rome’s empire during the crucible of the Second Punic War (218–201 BCE) until the rise of the nationalist movements in the eighteenth century, Latin was an incomparable language of art, diplomacy, and science in the West. In this course you will… Read more »

Salvēte Discipulī!

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Incipiāmus! Quid est scrinium (fortasse rōgās)? A scrinium was the box in which Romans stored their writing implements, as well as finished scrolls. Our scrinium will be a webspace for comments about activities in class, as well as news (about class and the study of the world of Classical antiquity). It will also host the course syllabus and handouts, links… Read more »

The Mysterious Origins of Punctuation

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Commas, semicolons and question marks are so commonplace it seems as if they were always there – but that’s not the case. Keith Houston explains their history. As readers and writers, we’re intimately familiar with the dots, strokes and dashes that punctuate the written word. The comma, colon, semicolon and their siblings are integral parts of writing, pointing out grammatical… Read more »

A Note on Academic Integrity at Haverford

Bret Mulligan   August 11, 2016   Comments Off on A Note on Academic Integrity at Haverford

In a community that thrives on relationships between students and faculty that are based on trust and respect, it is crucial that students understand a professor’s expectations and what it means to do academic work with integrity. Plagiarism and cheating, even if unintentional, undermine the values of the Honor Code and the ability of all students to benefit from the… Read more »