Sarah Derbew ‘09 sends in another installment of her Study Abroad Journal:

Greetings again from Rome,
Another month, another great field trip. Two weeks ago, we went down to
southern Italy for a week, visiting sites and museums. The food was
amazing again, at Villa Vergiliana in Cumae (where we stayed for a few
nights), we had a lunch fit for a queen. It started with a wonderful
tomato pizza, followed by “easter cake” (bread rolled up with pork and
cheese), fresh tomatoes with olive oil and basil, fried zucchini, and
fruit. I have never been so content after a meal before.


We visited the Archeological museum in Naples and saw many fine pieces of
art and tasted some great CHEAP pizza as well. We had a great “Franco
surprise” (our director, Franco, plans these fun surprises during our
trip) and visited Volcano Sulfatara in the Campania region. I had never
been in an active volcano before and although it had a very…unique smell,
it was definitely worth it!


We also headed to Pompeii, a city in southern Italy that was thriving
until the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE. I was impressed with our
group, I think the staff at the site might have been too, because we were
there as the gates opened in the morning and were the last ones to leave
in the evening. It was amazing how well the houses and bath complexes
were preserved from the ash of the eruption.

pompeii baths

After we returned from Campania, we got back into the swing of things in
Rome with more field trips. We visited Tivoli last week and saw the villa
of Emperor Hadrian which was gorgeous. The two areas that stuck out to me
were Piazza D’oro (Piazza of Gold), an elegant peristyle court with floors
paved in yellow mosaics, and the canopus, a long lake surrounded by

Piazza D'oro

The semester is almost done and we have only a week until finals begin.
Hopefully the sun will keep coming out and the gelato place nearby will
continue having wonderful flavors.

That’s all for now,