Fresh on the heels of the (somewhat dubious) attempt to fix the date of Odysseus’ return to Ithaca using astronomical information, comes this. Using details from Caesar’s Commentary and taking advantage of a fortuitous confluence of celestial events, scholars claim the traditional date of Caesar’s invasion of England should be slightly revised. The BBC reports:

Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain in 55BC could not have occurred on the dates stated in most history books, a team of astronomers have claimed. The traditional view is that Caesar landed in Britain on 26-27 August, but researchers from Texas State University say this cannot be right. Dr Donald Olson, an expert on tides, says that the English Channel was flowing the wrong way on this date. They instead favour an invasion of the south coast at Deal on August 22-23. [Read more…]

After a second inconclusive invasion the following year, Caesar was forced to turn his attention to Gaul, where unrest with Roman military occupation was growing. Augustus contemplated several invasions of Britain, but it only became a Roman province after Claudius’ invasion in 43CE.