Professor Roberts notes:

The “Zits” this morning actually includes a reference to podcasts on a classical topic!

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If your tastes are more Mr. D than slacker teen, here’s a selection of some of the Classically-themed Podcasts to which I subscribe:

  • Prof. Francese of Dickinson College runs the Latin Poetry Podcast, in which he reads and interprets short excerpts of Latin poetry.
  • Lars Brownworth’s 12 Byzantine Rulers surveys Byzantine history though the biographies of 12 of its most important rulers.
  • In Hardcore History, Dan Carlin takes an in-depth look at crucial historical moments. Past episodes have addressed Alexander and the Diodochoi, and the Punic Wars.
  • Every week, the BBC’s In Our Times with Melyyn Bragg discusses a work, thinker, or event with a panel of experts. Topics are always compelling and occasionally Classical.