Bridge Update: August 9

New texts and features added to The Bridge this past week:




Aesop, Fables 1-53

Includes: 1-53 Chambry

Format: Data supports search by FABLE and SENTENCE

            E.g. 1.1 to 1.1; 2 to 2; 12.2-53

Text: Aesopi Fabulae by Aemilius Chambry

Provenance: The Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank Project; annotated by oana Ivanova; vocabulary data added by J. Burgess (Haverford College ’20)

DCC Greek Core

Added custom DCC definitions.

Herodotus, Histories

Includes: Book 1

Format: Data supports search by BOOK and SECTION and SENTENCE 

            E.g. 1.1.1 to 1.1.2; 1.3.1 to 1.107.1

Text: Herodotus, with an English translation by A. D. Godley

Special: the smallest sub-division is by SENTENCE not sub-section as in the canonical notation

Provenance: from data created for Perseids (The Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank); V. Gorman; definiti





Caesar, Gallic Wars

Added custom definitions from Hodges, Archibald Livingston. Caesar: The Gallic War. 

Caesar, Gallic Wars (AP Selections)

Includes: only the AP sections of the Gallic Wars: Book 1: Chapters 1-7; Book 4: Chapters 24-35 and the first sentence of Chapter 36; Book 5: Chapters 24-48; Book 6: Chapters 13-20 

Format: Data supports search by BOOK and PARAGRAPH and SENTENCE

            E.g. 1.1.1 to 1.3.2; 1.2 to 2; 1.2 to 1, 1 to 4.3

Text: ???

Provenance: manually coded data (LASLA), adapted summer 2015 (B. Mulligan, Haverford College)

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, Pars I: Famila Romana (Oerberg)

Includes: entire Pars I: Famila Romana

Format: Data supports search by CHAPTER

            E.g.. 2 to 2, 12 to 35

Provenance: manually coded data, summer 2017 (Ivy Livingston, Harvard University)

Pliny, Epistles (selections)

Includes: 6.16 and 6.20

Format: Data supports search by BOOK and LETTER and SENTENCE

            E.g. 6.16.1 to 6.16.2, 6.16.4 to 6.16.22


Provenance: automatic and manually coded data, summer 2017 (B. Mulligan, Haverford College)

Propertius, Elegies (IB Selections)

Includes: Proem, 1.1, 2.12, 2.17, 2.19, 3.

Format: Data supports search by BOOK and POEM and LINE

E.g. 1.1.1 to 1.1.2; 2.12 to 2.17 (all words in 2.17 and 2.19)

Provenance: lemmatized by autolemma program, data manually coded and proofed, summer 2017 (Bret Mulligan, Haverford College)

Ruaeus’ Aeneid Summaries

Format: Data supports search by CHAPTER

            E.g.. 2 to 2, 4 to 12

Text: (with typos corrected)

Special: the introductory paragraph is coded as section 0; Roman numerals are not lemmatized

Provenance: lemmatized by autolemma program, manually coded data, summer 2017 (Bret Mulligan, Haverford College)

Vergil, Aeneid (AP Selections)

Includes: AP Selections: Book 1: Lines 1-209, 418-440, 494-578 Book 2: Lines 40-56, 201-249, 268-297, 559-620 Book 4: Lines 160-218, 259-361, 659-705 Book 6: Lines 295-332, 384-425, 450-476, 847-899

Format: Data supports search by POEM and LINE NUMBER

            E.g. 1.1 to 1.5; 1.10 to 2.5; 1.15-1, 1-4.5

Special: the prefatory epigram is numbered as Poem 0 (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc.)

Text: DCC Commentary on Vergil, Aeneid

Special: includes custom definitions

Provenance: manually coded data (LASLA), modified summer 2014 (V. Felso and B. Mulligan; Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College)

Vulgate, Revelation

Includes: entire text of Revelation

Format: Data supports search by CHAPTER

            E.g. 12.1 to 12.2; 12.2 to 12.4

Text: Bible Foundation and On-Line Book Initiative

Provenance: from data created for Perseids (The Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank); Anastasia Mellano; vocabulary added by B. Mulligan; verse location data added by Z. Oglesby (summer 2017)

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