August 6, 2014

Developer’s Log & Requested Features

On this page we will track changes to the Bridge and its data, as well as editorial decisions that have been made concerning the data.

  • Summer 2017: Add text specific definitions for selected texts; added a visual signal that the program is processing requests; adaptive display for mobile devices, corrected filter so that when filtering selection for parts of speech, activate category if a sub-category is checked (currently, the whole category must be active for sub-category to register); allow creation of similarity lists; Copy/save URL of output (to share, return to); ability to show first appearance and total appearances; sortable results table; significant increase in Latin texts; added many Greek texts; improved display of names; simplified selection mechanic (separate panes for text, lists, and textbooks).
  • 12/29/2016: added Eutropius, Breviarium 1; corrected typo in lemma for UNDEVIGINTI and re uploaded Cambridge and JenneysRed to match new form.
  • 12/28/2016: added Petronius, Satyricon 1-78; minor corrections to Latin dictionary.
  • 12/12/2016: corrected SHORTDEF of ΙΣΤΗΜΙ; improvements to Greek results (still not complete)
  • 12/7/2016: Horace, Odes 1.37 added; L’homond 20 (Gracchi) and 69 (Actium) added; Greek principal parts corrected (ἀπόλλυμι, ἐπστήσω; definition of εἰκός)
  • 11/22/2016: Horace, Satires 1 uploaded; Cicero, In Catilinam I re-uploaded with corrected numeration
  • 11/21/2016: Python script that concatenates locations of words in texts fixed.

Requested Features

Don’t yet see something that you’d like? Please leave a comment or contact Bret Mulligan.

Bridge 3.0

  • Data
    • Include field for words that take special cases (e.g. prep., certain adj. and verbs.)
    • Add multilingual definitions (e.g. French and Mandarin)
    • More granular data for verb morphology
    • Add option to see cognates with definitions.
  • App
    • Contextual prompts for different texts; e.g. prompt for range of textbook has only one sub-division (1 to 2) but for poem with line data, it would prompt that those sub-divisions exist (1.1 to 1.5). 
    • Allow user to select non-continuous ranges; e.g. Catullus 1, 4-5, 85. Selection mechanism might be a box from which a user selection poems, rather than text fields? Or can this be captured using text?
    • Allow a threshold for results; e.g. show word only if it appears more than x times in text (avoid the “long-tail” of vocab; e.g. the 1782 words that only appear once in the Aeneid, the 845 that appear twice; the 484 that appear thrice, etc.; Ovid Amores 1: total words = 1540; 1x = 833; 2x = 288; 3x = 120; 4x = 72; 5x = 51; 6x = 47; 1-3x = 1241! or 80% of unique words occur less than 1-3 times).
    • Include ability to filter entries with multiple declension/conjugation values (e.g. a combined entry for a number)

Bridge 4.0

  • Add multilingual support for application (native language front-end for select languages: e.g. French, Mandarin, Spanish)
  • Visual dictionary?
  • Mobile/Web app to aid in vocabulary acquisition.